adventures in commercial directing

What if I told you there were a taste so delicious that if you found it, you’d never want to eat anything else again? The story continues here: 
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Director: Chris Fata
Director of Photography: Nicholas J. Reid
Producer: Julian Sarmiento
Produced by Fuse Engine

In 2011 I was selected for Shoot Magazine’s New Director’s Showcase.  My spec commercial for was shown at the DGA in New York City as part of the event.  I attended the event and met a lot of really great Directors, Producers and other folks involved in one way or another in the commercial industry.

If anyone is interested in how this spot progressed from concept to inception, here is a link to the test shoot we did: - Novelty Cups - Test Shoot

Please note this was only a “test”.  

Here is a link to the final version for comparison: - Novelty Cups - Test Shoot